Treats for Chickens

Treats for Chickens Oyster Shell (5lb 5oz bucket)


If you've got chickens you need to be feeding Oyster Shells which are rich in natural calcium. Can you imagine laying an egg every day? Holey Smokes. Ladies, do not hold off on feeding oyster shell to your backyard chickens. By regularly providing oyster shell you are supplementing a much needed mineral to your girls as well as toning their internal organs and digestion. It helps keep your chickens feeling good and has the added bonus of building strong eggshells.

It's so easy to use, provide to pullets beginning at 18 weeks of age and continue usage to reduce calcium depletion in your girls as well as reduce soft shelled and/or broken eggs. Can be served in separate feeder/dish or mixed into pellets, crumble or mash. Can even be scattered on the ground and the let the pecking party begin.

Do you have chicks who won't be laying for awhile? It's not too soon! Oyster shell should be provided for pullets when she's approximately 18 weeks of age. You'll continue throughout your gal's life of laying.

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Guaranteed Analysis:
<ul> <li>Calcium Carbonate: Not Less than 96%</li> <li>Expressed as Calcium: Not less than 36%</li> </ul>