Scaly Leg Mites are nasty little parasites that burrow under the scales of the legs of chickens.  You’ll know your chicken has scaly leg mites if the scales on the shanks of their legs are raised and don’t look smooth and slick.  The birds’ legs will look like they are covered with a whitish skunge that may appear quite thick.  Scaly leg mites can cause real problems if left untreated – not to mention how terribly uncomfortable it is.

Thankfully there is easy peasy remedy: Scaly Leg Protector. Spray, allow to dry and re-apply daily for 3 days. 

You should separate the affected birds until the problem clears up and do a thorough scrubbing of the coop, its accessories and surrounding areas.  We use Anti-Icky Poo for our non-toxic deep cleaning.  To top it off we use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and the Pest Pistol to administer the Diatomaceous Earth in a manner that reduces waste and really gets into the cracks, crevaces and hard to reach locations in the coop.