Key in your CITY, STATE or ZIP CODE below and hit SEARCH.  Our store locator will assist you in finding the nearest shop that carries our products. We do have one suggestion though:  CALL before you drive over.  Not all locations stock ALL our products.  So, when you call, ask for products by name.  Simply asking for "treats for chickens" might get you a booring ole' bag of scratch.

In 2009, when Treats for Chickens hatched, we hand-keyed in our locations, in alphabetical order and according to each State within the USA.  Because of you, we've grown leaps and bounds (by beaks and feathers) and today our signature, one-of-a-kind products can be found in over 1,300+ locations nationwide.  That's one-thousand-thirty locations!!  Not bad for a small family business that set out to ensure a couple hens were happy and healthy, laid nutrient rich eggs and were pest free.

We continue to meet new folks and secure new locations almost daily so do check back often for a location nearest you.  And, be sure to scroll below for a list of online retailers that will ship our top of the line products straight to your door.

If you cant find your local store on the list, go on in and ask for Treats for Chickens branded products.  Then, give us a holler, drop us a line or a shout out on facebook and let us know

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