Vitamin Supplements

You've just found the best USDA Certified 100% Organic supplement for backyard poultry. The word "natural" CAN be applied here and it does really "mean" something. Treats for Chickens Cluck'n Sea Kelp comes from the pristine waters of Canada. Clean water = clean kelp.

For Chicks: add to feed daily to reduce (and as a preventative to) cocciodisis outbreaks and pasty butt in the brooder.  See more specific feeding instructions below.

Pullets, Hens and Roosters: Cluck'n Sea Kelp increases shiny feathers, balances intestinal flora, provides microrgreen nutrients and a ton of vitamins and amino acid building blocks.  You'll get naturally vibrant orange egg yoks.  There will be less picking and pecking in the henhouse since their systems are balanced.  They'll live longer, full lives and be all the more healthy because of it.

Why are you not giving your flock a birdie boost with Cluck'n Sea Kelp?