Why are USDA Certified Organic products important for your chickens?  Maybe your flock can simply be called "pets", livestock, "backyard art" (producing the best eggs on the block) or a subtle addiction that you are enjoying... - what you feed to them is important.

If it's Organic, then you are assured that what you hold in your hand is free of toxins, pesticides, artificial colors, waxes, synthetics and enhancers.   And, when you see the USDA Certified Organic logo on our products you are guaranteed that we are required to carry out STRICT protocol and undergo rigorous inspections (like monkey's picking nits on each other - the inspectors leave nothing unturned).

We give a BIG two feathers UP for the dusty, sun-up-to-sun-down, green-thumbed farmer and their organic farming practices.  Chemicals and Pesticides (all the junk we mentioned above) in NON-organic farming pose a threat to our backyards, front yards, the air we breathe and the water we drink (to mention a few) - and we think that sucks - so we don't participate.

And, either do you when you promote Organic products.  

So, scratch around.  Peck here and there.  Take a look at what we have to offer.