For The Coop

When you’re just getting into this whole backyard chicken thing, it can be a little intimidating. We know the feeling! So let us share the best advice we have to offer: you don't need to do it all perfectly the first time. Phew. Feel better? Good. Here’s our second best piece of advice: invest in the right tools to make the first few months way easier!

For example, our 100% certified organic, back-to-basics Better Brooder Blend stimulates and mimics natural foraging behaviors while providing antifungal and antibacterial benefits to rapidly grow little baby chick bodies.

None of that makes sense yet? It’s okay! Just know this: the blends, like most of our essentials, are super easy to use. Simply add to the brooder, nesting boxes and all areas of the coop and replace during regular cleanings. Done! You’re a great mom.