Remember when you tried doing something for the very first time?  Maybe that time is now, with chickens?  We all start out as beginners: new chicks raised indoors, the first day your flock of pullets experience the wide-open and expansive outdoors, that very first egg and the "uh-oh" feeling when you realize that you just don't know if Henrietta is really Henry.

You don't need to do it all perfect the first time, BUT you do need to have fun AND have access to the right tools for the journey.

....Speaking of "right tools for the journey" - our 100% certified organic, back-to-basics Nesting Box Blends stimulates and mimics natural foraging behaviors while providing antifungal and antibacterial benefits to rapidly growing and delicate chick bodies.  It's easy to use: simply add to the brooder, nesting boxes and all areas of the coop and replace during regular cleanings.