Treats for Chickens

Cheep Here Chick Chicken™ (1lb 13oz bag)


Here, Chick, Chicken - we've all said it a time or two. No you can get your well mannered (or slightly mischevious) flock around your feet or back in the coop when you've got to get on down the road. If it hasn't happened yet - it will. It's Murphy's Law (if you let your birds out for free-ranging, that is). Inevitably, you'll get a call or a reason to leave unexpectedly. Here Chick Chicken is a simple, cost effective way to get'em where you want them.

Hand feed, sprinkle or toss on the ground. Tossing on the ground and/or under foliage and in leaves promotes natural foraging behavior and keeps them busy. Either way it's a great goodie and treat for happy fowl to have on hand.


  • Non-GMO, Cheep and Healthy
  • Wholesome, Tasty Snacks - Cluckity Cluck
  • Made in the USA
  • Barley, Wheat and Cracked Corn
  • Made with Non-GMO ingredients
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

For chicks under two weeks of age be sure they have access to grit so they can properly digest their food.

Not for human consumption. These ingredients are grainy and full of non-GMO earthiness. Store in a cool, dry location and avoid extreme heat and direct sunlight. Do not expose to moisture. Not intended for medical use. Keep out of reach of children. Best when used within 90 days of opening package.

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Guaranteed Analysis:
<p><strong>Guaranteed Analysis:</strong></p> <ul><li>Crude Protein (min): 9.8%</li><li>Crude Fat (min): 2.08%</li><li>Crude Fiber (max): 3.78%</li><li>Moisture (max) 11.51%</li><li>Calcium (min)/(max): 2.0%/2.5%</li><li>Salt (min)/(max): .01%/2.5%</li><li>Phosphorus (min): 0.1%</li><li>Lysine (min): 0.2%</li><li>Methionine (min): 0.1%</li></ul>